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Our philosophy

Quality policy

M+Z 2000 Kft. ready-made clothes

In order to improve our market positions and thus keep our work place it is essential to completely satisfy our customers' demands. This can be reached by the faultless quality of our products. Keeping and strengthening our market positions we endeavour to continue to be stable suppliers of our customers. We enforce quality requirements in all fields of work. Our company also expects and demands perfect product-quality from its suppliers.

It is our most important aim in quality policy to improve and strengthen:

  • efficiency, competitiveness of management,
  • marketability, profitability of our products,
  • employment stability, satisfaction and workplace ambiance of our staff.

In order to achieve the military quality policy aims, the management of the M+Z 2000 Kft.:

  • operates a comprehensive (civil and military) quality management system,
  • attaches great importance to improving the skills and quality policy (military quality policy included) approach of our staff-members,
  • encourage the staff-members to reduce loss and prevent possible faults,
  • guarantees the continuous improvement and modernization of the product-quality and technological conditions,
  • co-operates successfully with the representative of the Military Quality Management Organization in order to manufacture all kinds of products in the required quality.

Our company has operated a quality management system by ISO 9002:1994 since 1999, nowadays we run MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009. In order to satisfy the continual demands of the organizations of Ministries of Defence and Internal Affairs, we introduced the quality management system by NATO AQAP 120:195 normative document in 2003. The management of M+Z 2000 Kft. was aiming to satisfy regulations of a higher quality requirements, therefore nowadays we work by the standards of NATO AQAP 2110:2009 normative document.

Human resources

M+Z 2000 Kft. human resources

The management of M+Z 2000 Kft. guarantees that the staff-members whose job affects the quality of our company's activity, obtain proper education and training and have sufficient skills, experience and preparedness. We involve the staff-members in our processes that satisfy the professional requirements of the job with their basic and professional education and have proved their knowledge in practice as well.

We expect from our staff to continually improve their professional and quality management knowledge as regarding their job. In order to achieve this aim we make a continually updated training schedule that fits the official, professional regulations and inner demands, and we specify further training requirements for different jobs.

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