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Form wear and uniform production

M+Z 2000 Kft. form wear and uniform production

We produce mostly working clothes, sportswear, form wear and uniforms at the moment, but we are experts in manufacturing quality leather products as well. We obtain a considerable part of our orders in public procurements. We supply the Hungarian and Austrian railway companies with men's and women's lined coats, trousers, rainwear, cotton bottoms. We manufacture fatigues, pullovers, operation vests, track suits for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and kit vests, kit bags, tunics, rain wear for the Ministry of Defence regularly. We produce the whole collection of working clothes for Audi Hungária Motor Kft.

Embroidering unit

We work with a six- and a four-headed embroidering machine, and use a professional programming software. We are able to embroider different materials, and produce anything on demand. Due to our technological development, we easily embroider for example baseball hats, table flags, t-shirts, and other accessories.

Warm lining production, quilting

M+Z 2000 Kft. warm lining production, quilting

We do not mind accepting orders from other textile manufacturing companies and make warm lining. We produce excellent quality products with our quilting machines of 90 and 94 inches net width. Due to our technological development, we are able to embroider or quilt two rolls of material at the same time. We produce high quality wares. Due to the PC-based operation, we can create any possible pattern that can be made by the recent quilting technology. The material provided by the customer for manufacturing is an important factor in determining our prices . If it is required we provide excellent quality domestic materials, but it is also possible to work on contractual base when we manufacture the material provided by the customer.

Wholesale distribution of textile ware

For our partners, it is possible to buy several materials from our company on demand. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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